Boat Fitout Items.

Boat Fitout Items:

We have listed below, a typical fitout list for a few of our vessels. This is done so as to make our kits match production specification vessels and also allow you, the customer to be able to cost your boat building project.

This has many advantages including the following.
  • Economies of scale in relation to the buying in volume of standardised fitout parts and supplying them to you at at a reasonable price.
  • Precut dash panels including holes for dash cutouts and other pre-cut holes for mounting components.
  • Massive time saving for the professional and home builder as minimal cutting required for fit out parts.
  • Typical holes include, hatches, electric anchor winches, seat box cutouts, live bait tank cutout, etc...
  • Aluminium bait board kits (welded) for the serious offshore anglers.
  • A range of closed and open centre consoles and seat boxes.

These additions will continue, and be ensured we are working on these extras to ensure that our vessel kits continue to be the highest quality, performance, value and design available.

Click on any of the links below for a sample of the fitout information.

It is best to speak to us when orderering to discuss consoles and any custom layout you may desire. We have a large range of centre and side consoles, in widths from 500 - 1100mm, open and closed and of varying design. We also have a large range of seat boxes, bait stations, etc..

Sample Fitout list for a
5.3m Centre Console

Sample Fitout list for a
6.2m Cuddy Cab

Sample Fitout list for a
7.4m Hardtop

We have listed many typical fitout items as ahown in the sample fitout sheets above.
We only stock the following fitout parts for the home builder. More online boating part suppliers have made it easy for the home builder to source items such as bilge pumps, navigation lights, etc.. So we do not stock these anymore.

We DO STOCK the following parts, these can be sent with the kit when you purchase, or you can order at a later date:

  • Buoyancy Foam - (this can be shipped with your kit if required)

  • Fuel Tanks - (we have a large range using our own moulds)

  • Live Bait Tanks - (the hole is cut when you get your kit, just drop it in for an easy fitup)

  • Hatches - (we can cut the holes when you order your kit, saving lots of fitout time)

  • Drum winches - (Holes are cut, so these mount up with minimal fuss)

Note: Information, drawings, designs and specifications are subject to change.