Other Work We Do.

Other Work:

In addition to our main business of Marine Vessels and Engineering, we are sometimes asked to be involved in the design and manufacture of other items. For example, the artwork and sculpture side of business evolved from the visit from an artist whom enquired how we were able to create such wonderful shapes with the aluminium in our boats.

This flexibility has led to the design and manufacture of many artworks and sculptures for various artists.

We have specific design and engineering software for the modelling of 2D and 3D shapes, and we have CNC cutting machines on site which can cut to 9m x 2.2m in size.

In addition to our extensive range of marine craft, we are also able to cut and supply aluminium, timber and composite components supplied in flat pack form, to be assembled by the customer. This could be a timber chair, a model dinosaur or a caravan.

We also build other equipment such as, work platforms, shallow surface working work tubs, pontoon work vessels and custom floating docks.

We also design and manufacture custom aluminium fuel tanks, and make other componentry for landscaping industry in the form of outdoor garden art or architectural screening.

If you have an idea and we can draw it, then we can cut it and make it.
Note: Information, drawings, designs and specifications are subject to change.